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A new species of snake?

Normally we blog about marine conservation but just sometimes we step on to land occasionally. Why? Well because the marine environment is inexorably connected to the terrestrial one. Without one the other doesn't function. There are plenty examples of jungles & mangroves being destroyed and resulting sedimentation killing coral reefs.

Recently we were ashore on the neighbouring island of Waigeo & chanced across this beautiful snake. Curious to know what species it was we tried all on line sources of information we could find.....but just couldn't identify it. At a chance meeting with our friend Nick Baker, a leading ecologist in Singapore & help from his friend Dr Mark O'Shea (from London Zoo) we found that it was an undescribed species which in the dry language of biologists shouts to the layman.......NEW SPECIES. 

Obviously we were thrilled to add this to our list of new species for 2013 (year of the snake) adding to the 3 new species of fish discovered in our conservation area by leading icthyologist Dr Allen & leading marine biologist and conservationist Dr Mark Erdmann