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If you want to contribute to the conservation of this amazing marine ecosystem or want to help improve the lives of the impoverished local villagers why not make a donation. It's easy....just look at the list below for inspiration or whatever catches your eye and then hit the donate button below. You don't have to contribute the exact amounts suggested below. it's up to you whether you want to contribute and if so how much. The list is only for guidance! Once you've done that it's down to us to make it work. 

Sea Sanctuaries Trust is a UK Trust established exclusively for charitable purposes.  Its principal charitable objective is to ensure long term sustainability of marine biodiversity in the Coral Triangle through the establishment and management of marine conservation areas.  The Trust has been registered with the UK Charity Commission under Charity number 1143233.

Sea Sanctuaries currently has three Trustees, details of whom can be found on the Who Are We page.  One of our Trustees, Ian Burman, specialises in Charity Law and is one of the UK’s leading charity practitioners.   

Being a UK Registered Charity can make donations more valuable to Sea Sanctuaries Trust and the donor by allowing them to reclaim tax on the gift.  However, before making a donation, you should check with your tax advisor.  If you are planning to make a donation, please contact us.  

If you decide you would like to make a donation this is what your donor money can buy:

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  1. US$40                   Pay a Sea Sanctuaries ranger's salary for a week
  2. US$70                   Fuel for the local village for a month
  3. US$160                  Pay a ranger team for a week
  4. US$170                  Fuel for patrol and marine life monitoring for one month
  5. US$250                 Camera for patrol team
  6. US$400                 Uniforms for rangers
  7. US$4,000              New 40hp engine for patrol boat