At the heart of the Indonesian Coral Triangle, lies an area of marine biodiversity like none other on Earth. It's a place so rich in fish, corals and invertebrates that new species are still being discovered today. But this vulnerable ecosystem is under threat and without your help, it could be lost forever...

Sea Sanctuaries is a conservation organisation primarily focused on protecting the vulnerable ecosystems in the heart of the Coral Triangle in Indonesia. We are a UK charitable trust which works with local and national government and Non Governmental Organisations together with local people to develop a comprehensive strategy for conserving some of the most important coastal and marine habitats on Earth. 



 Our initial area of focus is Raja Ampat which is situated in the Bird’s Head area of West Papua, Indonesia which has the highest degree of marine biodiversity in the world. Although this small area is home to more species of fish, corals and marine invertebrates than anywhere else, it is under threat from over exploitation by fishing, mining and logging. According to Dr Mark Erdmann of Conservation International, Raja Ampat is not just the epicentre of marine biodiversity but the archipelago appears to function as a “species factory” due to the complex nature of converging currents  and a relatively stable climate.

In all works on Natural History, we constantly find details of the marvellous adaptations of animals to their food, their habitats, and their localities in which they are found
— Alfred Russel Wallace